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I am a born again Macintosh fan. I have an iPod and a Mac mini. They are just great. A solid UNIX implementation with a great graphical interface packaged without a fan in a box the size of a stack of six CD jewel cases. 'Born again' is a recursive event as I have been reborn as an Apple Computer zealot several times. I was:

  • An early fan of the Apple ][ and worked with their Northeast distributor in those heady days (1980) before the Macintosh when Visicalc ruled. It was where I met Chillfin.
  • An early fan of the Lisa which I purchased in 1983 for the UK team at Acorn Computers but couldn't resist unpacking for a few days to get the GUI and point-and-click experience.
  • In attendance when Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh in Boston in 1984.
  • Product manager for the premier accounting software on the Macintosh. ("Accouting on a Mac? Why?" pundits said.)
  • Product manager for multi-dimensional data analysis on the Mac. ("Data analysis on a Mac? Why?" pundits said.)

The Java based software I now document is substantially platform independent. While my company does not certify the Mac as a platform for our clients, brokers, and tools, I have used our Linux installer to install on OS/X and SonicMQ has shown no errors yet (not that I am looking for any: I am doc, not QA.)

I deliberately avoid all Microsoft software on my Mac. It's a good thing. Life without Internet Explorer or MS Office. Imagine that.

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Page last modified on December 07, 2005, at 12:35 AM