Amazing Life Chiropractic & Wellness in Mill Creek

has a unique approach to healing the body and preventing illnesses. Our focus is your overall health. Not only do we eliminate your symptoms, but we also address the underlying causes to your health problems so they don’t return!

Our mission is to help you have the best health for an Amazing Life!


“What is so powerful about chiropractic is its ability to effect the entire being, physically, mentally and emotionally by restoring the body to a more adaptable and balanced state.”

– Martin Rosen, DC


Discovering the correct interaction of nutrients, vitamins and minerals so you and your body will be strong and healthy.

Custom Orthotics

Proper feet support can reduce activity-related injuries considerably. Investing a little can go a long way toward avoiding damage to your ankles, knees and hips.

Amazing Life Chiropractic and Wellness

Our past experience here in Mill Creek indicates that when you look us up, many of you are venturing into a previously unexplored approach to health care. We commend you for this. We also realize that in doing so, you may be entering unfamiliar and uncertain territory. So naturally you may have numerous questions. We hope the following will begin to answer some of your questions.

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Weight loss system at amazing life chiropractic

Weight Loss

Lose weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle with our weight loss program.

Neuropathy at amazing life chiropractic


Experiencing numbness and tingling, “Pins and Needles” feeling,  or painful hands and feet?

chiropractic care at amazing life chiropractic

Mill Creek Chiropractic

Aligning the spine and joints adds
LIFE to years and YEARS to life!

massage therapy at amazing life chiropractic

Massage Therapy

Manage pain, recover from accident injuries and stay healthy and well with massage therapy.

exercise at amazing life chiropractic

Custom Orthotics in Mill Creek

Always put your best foot forward!

auto accident recovery at amazing life chiropractic

Auto Accident Injury

Trained and experienced for the necessary treatment of auto accident injuries

vegetables at amazing life chiropractic

Mill Creek Nutrition

Nutrition matters! You are what you eat!

chiropractic care at amazing life chiropractic

Infrared Sauna

An effective tool for natural healing and disease prevention

testimonials at amazing life chiropractic

Amazing Life Chiropractic Testimonials

Read what our satisfied patients say about us.

What makes us unique?

We use a variety of chiropractic techniques, ranging from the gentle non-force technique to the traditional chiropractic manipulation.

Tailored Treatment

We tailor the technique and treatment program to each individual need.

Kind Service

We are sympathetic, compassionate, ethical professionals.

Nutrition & Orthotics

We offer nutritional counseling & custom foot orthotics.


We offer our services in English, French, and Russian.

Patient Referrals

We refer patients to medical professionals when this is necessary to treat your condition.

Digital X-ray

Digital X-Ray available as needed.

We welcome new patients


Let’s get you on the path to better health & an Amazing Life!

Contact us for your complimentary consultation today!