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Phases of Healing during Chiropractic Care with Regence Insurance

Often in our clinic we are asked: “How long will it take to get me feeling better?”. This is a loaded question as the patient’s lifestyle and degree of injury determines the intensity and duration of the treatment plan.

What are the 3-steps of care with Chiropractic?

  • First Phase: At the initial stage, the chiropractor will help decrease pain and inflammation. At our clinic, a muscle massager, mechanical traction table and hands-on adjustments is used to increase joint mobility and reducing inflammation and pain.

  • Second Phase: In the second phase, the chiropractor will aim for stabilization. He/she will introduce rehabilitation exercises such as hamstring pull, lunges or fences stance. The best exercises for joint pain are stretch exercises.

Your chiropractor may ask you to wear a supportive belt or strap to stabilize the joint that won’t stay in the right place. This will limit the movement of the joint in order to reduce painful symptoms. In addition, Core stabilization exercises will be given to stable your core and strengthen your muscles.

  • Third Phase: By now, your chiropractor will have largely relieved your pain. Without pain, you can perform most, if not all the activities normally.

This phase is considered the maintenance and wellness phase. Your chiropractor will guide you on topics regarding developing a healthy lifestyle and exercises to perform in order to prevent recurrent pain.

In addition to this, your chiropractor may check if you are required to wear custom shoe soles, and prescribe natural health supplements for example glucosamine, turmeric and omega-3 fatty acid which produces an anti-inflammatory effect.


At our Mill Creek clinic, we treat various injuries. If you have an injury that needs assistance, contact us today to schedule an evaluation and stop living with pain.